SICBA Awards

Scotland and comic books go way back (as far back as the 19th century, actually). Depending who you ask, we’ve been producing comics longer than anyone else in the world.

From DC Thomson to Electric Soup, Scotland’s relationship with comics has always been wonderful, innovative and, sometimes, slightly bizarre. That rings just as true now – except more creators are doing it on their own than ever before.

Back in 2011, the Scottish Independent Comic Book Alliance was born. Founded by Sha Nazir in response to the ever-growing list of local creators, the inaugural SICBA Awards took place after the first ever Glasgow Comic Con. SICBA is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers.

It’s been happening every year ever since.

 Aims and objectives of SICBA

  • Present a cohesive and unified voice while representing the needs of creators, self publishers, distributors and retailers
  • Promote the medium of comic books as a whole to the general public via learning events, media, exhibitions and initiatives
  • Support new and existing indie publishers and creators to grow and network
  • Expand and enhance the S.I.C.B.A Comic Book Awards in order to promote creators and independently published work

Enter the 8th Annual 

SICBA Awards

SICBA AWards 2018

Now in its eighth year, the awards have become a platform for new talent and established creators to excel. Every year the talent pool grows and the competition gets stiffer.

The award is open to comic book artists, writers and publishers who have created or published a sequential work within the medium of comic book, collected trade or graphic novels; a work which was published  (physical or digital) between May 2017 and April 2018.

Like last year, there will be five categories. Entries will be shortlisted by a SICBA submission panel and a separate judging panel will choose the winners. Unlike previous years, there will be no public vote.

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