The Scottish Independent Comic Book Alliance (SICBA) is dedicated to supporting and nurturing Scotland’s vibrant and unique independent comic book scene. We created the SICBA awards to recognise and showcase those creators of exceptional talent from the previous year, and to celebrate the ongoing growth of the medium in Scotland.

Comic book artists, creators and publishers are eligible to submit any of their own sequential works (single issue comic or graphic novel) that have been published between May 2018 and May 2019

Submission requirements are as follows:

SICBA Guidelines_snapshot.jpg

Submission Guidelines:
1. One of more parts of the work(s) must have been created in Scotland, and/or created by a resident of Scotland.
2. The work(s) must have been published between 1 May 2018 and 30 April 2019.
3. Only digital PDF files will be considered.
4. All genres, art styles and narratives are eligible for submission, provided it is a work of sequential art.
5. Submissions of a violent, sexually explicit or offensive nature will be considered, but only after approval from the submission panel. This approval may be subject to discussions with the creators and publisher of the work.
6. Applicants may only submit one work per category for consideration. If further works are submitted, only the first will be considered.
7. Anthologies are valid for Best Single Issue Comic, Best Graphic Novel, and Up and Coming Talent only.
8. Works originally published as part of an anthology cannot be submitted individually.
9. Works that have been submitted in previous years (either alone or as part of another entry) will not be considered for these awards.
10. Self published works are eligible for submission.
11. Entries must be submitted by midnight 26th of April 2019.

General Guidelines:
To be considered as a graphic novel the work must be a self contained story, exceeding 44 story pages in length. If the work is intended to function as a collected edition of single issues, it must be substantially larger than a single issue and be a full narrative arc.
To be considered as a single issue comic, the work must not exceed 40 pages in length or must be part of a series.
To be considered as an anthology, the work must contain multiple stories by different writers and artists.
If the work is a collected edition of single issues forming an arc, please explicitly state this when submitting.

Additional Information:
There is no fee associated with submitting for this award.
Provisionally, only three submissions will be shortlisted per award, with the exception of Best Single Issue Comic and Best Graphic Novel which will receive five shortlisted nominations each. The number of works per shortlist may be amended depending on quantity or quality of submissions.

The Submission Panel:
All entries submitted will be assessed by the submission panel, consisting of impartial and non partizan individuals. The selection process will be based on a transparent points system. Works will be scored by the panel members and the shortlist will be created from the combined average scores. The shortlisted works will then be scored by the judges who will award each category.

The Judging Panel:
The Judging Panel, consisting of industry professionals, will be announced via social media. Unlike previous years, there will be NO public vote.

Award Ceremony:
The winners will be announced on Friday, June 28th. For information regarding the venue and time of the ceremony, please refer to

Important Dates:
Submission deadline – 26th of April 2019
Shortlists announced - 1st June 2019
Award ceremony - 28th June 2019

How to Apply:
Please fill in the form on our website.

If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact

Keep in touch:
twitter: @official_sicba