Cosplay City @ Glasgow Comic Con

The Competitions
Best in Show - 1st and 2nd
Best Performance
Best Group
Best Batman 80
Best Under 12
for kids under 12 with prizes!

The masquerade

  • This is a catwalk competition with prizes awarded according to a judging criteria outlined below.

  • This competition is for ALL costumes, handmade, bought or altered.

  • Young cosplayers are also welcome to participate.

  • Just sign up at the cosplay desk on the day


Do be at the cosplay desk 30 minutes before the competition starts for an information brief and to be taken to the stage.
Do pose for up to 30 seconds then leave the stage. We encourage you to be as flamboyant as possible during your time on stage.
Do let the cosplay desk know if you require a microphone for a short spoken performance when you sign up at the start of the day.
swear or use offensive language on stage, you risk being banned from future events if you do.
Don't throw or fire any projectiles into crowd whilst on stage. This is dangerous and you risk being disqualified.


  • The competition is open to all ages but all entrants under 12 MUST have their form signed by a parent or guardian. Please bring proof of age. If you fail to produce proof of age when asked, you may not be permitted to enter the competition. Under 12s also have their own category for prizes!

  • To enter you must have a valid ticket to the event

  • Cosplayers can enter as individuals or groups. If you wish to go on stage as a group please make sure that members of your group hand in your entry forms at the same time so that they can be kept together.

  • Costumes may be purchased or hand-made.

  • Costumes are permitted from any form of popular media. This includes, but is not limited to, comic books, films and television, video games, anime and manga and tabletop gaming.

  • Costumes are expected to conform to a certain level of decency as this is a family event. Costumes considered inappropriate will not be allowed to enter the Masquerade. If you are unsure if your costume is suitable, please email to discuss.

Meet the judges











You may be filmed or photographed during the Masquerade and BHP Comics (Cosplay City Championship) or its associates may wish to use your image.

By entering the competition you are agreeing to your image being used by BHP Comics (Cosplay City Championship) and affiliates for advertising and promotional purposes and any other reasonable purpose.

Masquerade Terms & Conditions

1. Participants agree to take part and will be featured in marketing and publicity material for Attic Events and affiliates as required, as well as external media viewable by the general public, including but not limited to newspapers, magazines and websites which may be out with the control of BHP Comics.
2. Application forms cannot be returned under any circumstances.
3. Personal information collected via the application form will be used for no purpose outside of the competition and will be destroyed after the event.
4. All personal information collected via the application form will be protected by Cosplay City Championship and will not be provided to any third party. Application forms will be destroyed once selection has been made and forms are no longer required.
5. Any application form found to contain false information will be removed from the selection process. Any cosplayer selected on the basis of false information will be forbidden to participate in the event and may be banned from future competitions.
6. Cosplay City Championship accepts no liability for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or claims suffered or incurred by any person as a consequence of any use of or inability to use this application process, the event website, or any related media content. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant and/or parents/guardian to confirm with Cosplay City Championship regarding any queries or questions they may have about application, selection and/or participation.