Some history

It started in a church with a few hundred punters and, well, things escalated from there. Back in 2011 at the Mackintosh Church, it was the first comic book convention in Scotland for 15 years - or so the founders say, anyway - more than 600 fans turned up and the event sold out months in advance. It also launched the now annual Scottish Independent Comic Book Award, often shortened to the decidedly catchier SICBA

The convention first hosted local comic book heroes like Mark Millar, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely – the 2012 convention saw its first international guest in the form of American writer and artist Jim Starlin! – soon to be followed by a host of well-loved 2000AD creators including John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra.

Glasgow Comic Con upgraded to the CCA in 2013, where it quickly spread, expanding into nearby venues, and paving the way for international comic book creators like Gail Simone to visit Scotland for the first time. It expanded into a festival of sorts, hosting workshops and film screenings in the week leading up to the convention.

Glasgow Comic Con's latest home is the Royal Concert Hall, bringing some of the biggest and brightest names in comics to the heart of the city every year. It still holds the same ethos it did back at the Mackintosh Church in 2011, but now we hold a few (thousand) more punters.